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School Overview

Hirano, which was once known as “Hiranogo”, is an area known for giving birth to common people’s cultural aspects such as renga (a form of Japanese collaborative poetry) in the Edo Era. Our school was founded, as the third attached school of Osaka Kyoiku University, in April of 1972 in the district of Hirano, which today has maintained its cultural heritage. In conjunction with other affiliate schools (a kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, and special-needs school), we offer a unique Osaka Kyoiku University education. Utilizing our small scale which has only three classes per grade year, we have provided society with close to 5,000 graduates who serve in active leader positions.


Educational Goals

While we conduct educational research, training, and practice, all of which are features of Osaka Kyoiku University Hirano High School, the following educational goals are set and met in accordance with the Constitution and the Fundamentals of Education Act:

○ Developing creativity in students who aim to improve their academic achievements.
○ Developing personal traits involving international statistics


School Features

◆ Small Numbers

Having only three classes per grade year is a unique feature of our school. We use this benefit to its fullest by offering as much personal instruction as possible. For example, we maintain an ideal environment in which students can focus on their studies, while creating an atmosphere in which students can easily seek individual guidance. Additionally, three-way meetings, with parents present, are conducted for all students of which the purpose is to offer guidance regarding school life, studies, and life after graduation.


◆Creative Exploration

What do we mean when we say “the power to live” is necessary in future society? Needless to say, “basic knowledge and skills”, which serve as the foundation for creating new ideas, are needed in today’s rapidly advancing global community. Leadership requires the will to face new ideas, the strength to firmly state one’s opinion while collaborating with one another, and to possess originality in one’s creations. We provide students with an assortment of school events along with classes focusing on discussion & debate skills, a curriculum in which students can study in a wide range of fields, and opportunities to attend lectures conducted by graduates and professionals as well as at the university.


◆Autonomy & Independence

At Osaka Kyoiku University Hirano High School, we have a saying “maturing through events.” An assortment of school events, beginning with the Orientation camp in April for 1st year students, are planned and conducted by students. Students who are in charge of these events consistently come up with new ideas as well as propose changes for improvement. We cherish the activeness and rich sensibilities that students can attain through the various experiences.