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At Osaka Kyoiku University Hirano High School, we cherish the value of creative exploration and autonomy & independence in a small-number elect environment consisting of three class groups per grade year.

We believe that overlaying this “creative exploration” encourages self-learning and leads to the achievement of lifelong academic versatility, as well as acquiring so-called “exam” ability.

Independence requires the abilities to find one’s challenges and to proactively learn, determine, and act accordingly. Through school events, curricular, and extracurricular activities, we offer our students a variety of opportunities to determine and consider on their own. Through a relationship of trust with faculty and staff, students can expect to demonstrate the spirit of autonomy & independence while attempting new things freely without fear of failure.

In recent years, our focus has also been on providing developmental programs to build students’ leadership skills needed in an era of globalization. In addition to overseas language training trips, opportunities in which students can to utilize their communication skills such as in exchanges with international students and interviews with overseas researchers are offered as parts of Project-based Learning (PBL), which involves problem solving in small groups. This is the result of fruition of school features, which are expertise in small numbers, creative exploration, and autonomy & independence.

Additionally, we partake in education and research in conjunction with affiliate schools which include a kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, and a special-needs school, all of which are located close by in the Hirano District and are, as well, attached to Osaka Kyoiku University. A well-formed educational environment such as this is one of the benefits and attractions of our school.

In May 2014, we saw the completion of a new building with all classrooms fully equipped with interactive whiteboards. In such an educational environment, we shall continue to strive to foster true global leaders, and we ask for your continued support.