In the student council, all of the students work together in the spirit of self-governance.
The student council has the Student Council Assembly as its highest legislative group and comprises of the Executive Committee, the Board of Representatives, and the various committees and clubs.

◆ Message from the Student Council President

This school’s motto is “Cherishing autonomy and independence”.

These words are something that you will hear at least once from the teachers of this school. One may become concerned, believing this to mean that the teachers leave students to their own devices and do nothing to aid them, but this is not the case. The teachers are doing their uttermost to cooperate with us and support us behind the scenes. If we go to discuss a problem with them, they will give us advice that is pertinent to our problem or they will brainstorm together with us in coming up with a good solution. Because the school is a bit small, the teachers that may be a bit distant in a normal school are quite close to us. It is very cozy and comfortable. Due to these factors, the relationship of trust between the teachers and students in this school is not made-up, but is unwavering and, I believe, is shining.

Again, an extremely good relationship between the friends, seniors, juniors, junior-high students and high school students has been built up at this school. In a good sense, the students can build ties with the students above and below them through many activities such as the cheering squad for in sports festival, the culture festival and ball game tournament where students get together and participate with their friends in their class or grade level, and the rice cake pounding event where junior high and high school students cooperate together regardless of their age difference. The students are always giving their all in participating. Being a college-preparatory school does not mean that we neglect our events. We are very clear when it comes to the balance between studying when it is time to study and playing when it is time to play. This is what struck me the most while attending this school.

I believe that the sensation that we gain when everyone comes together for an event and succeeds gives us a confidence that can then be displayed in our studies. At this school, it is possible to grow not only academically but also as people under the spirit of autonomy and independence.

I look forward to your enrollment to Hirano High School attached to Osaka Kyoiku University from the bottom of my heart. (Student Council President)

Club Activities

This school has the following sports and culture clubs which meet regularly for club activities.

★Sports Clubs

Tennis Club

◆ The regulation tennis club has people of varying levels from beginner to experienced who practice together. We aim to improve by first practicing the basics, such as how to grip a racket, how to swing and racket and footwork, before moving on to rallies and actual matches. We also incorporate strength training into our practices in order to polish our basic skills and raise our tennis skills to another level. Although we have a lot of members, we enjoy competing and playing tennis with each other.

Handball Club

◆ The handball club’s activities are mainly based around the students. Practice matches are also decided by the students after discussion with the advisor. Joining other clubs is OK! Of course, leaving practice early for cram school is also OK. The activities are, however, carried out according to schedule, instead of at-will. In last year’s autumn tournament the club placed in the top 8 of the Southern Osaka Block.
The members train their individual skills on their own time with club activities focusing on practicing to raise their abilities as a team. Although most are beginners, the members set the activities and are enjoying themselves while producing results.

Basketball Club

◆ Hello, this is the Basketball Club.
We throw ourselves into the spirit of basketball and practice every day with the big goal of winning our way through the Regional Preliminaries and entering the Central Tournament. Again, we are a club that is skilled both in studies and in war.

Badminton Club

◆Most are beginners who started badminton in high school.
For practice, the seniors teach their juniors the basics such as how to grip the racket, how to swing and footwork. When able to, we train by practicing hitting the shuttle and having matches.
Although it is difficult to practice because there are many members, everyone enjoys playing badminton.

★Cultural Clubs

Popular Music Band Club

◆ Each band practices once a week for concerts that are held several times a year. The room is clean and has air conditioning.
◆We divide the activity times evenly between each of the bands and practice for various scheduled concerts and the Cultural Festival. This year we are considering various activities such as collaborating together with the Brass Band Club.

Brass Band Club

◆ Both those with experience from junior high and beginners participate in activities together. Because of the low amount of members, both those of the same grade level as well as seniors and juniors are very close and work hard together while enjoying their day by day practice.

Homemaking Club

◆ Our club activities are focused on enjoying making food every time. We ask the members what they want to make with a menu that mainly revolves around sweets and desserts. Cooking is fun, but “taste-testing time” that comes after it is enjoyable as well. We passed out a large amount of sweets during the Cultural Festival. Cooking is quite difficult but also is worth it! It is possible to both attend club activities and focus on studying so feel free to participate.

Photography Club

◆Our activities revolve around studying how to take pictures, showing each other the pictures that we took, and going out to take pictures. We actively participate in photography courses and contests, and it is customary for us to have a gallery in the yearly Cultural Festival.
Because photography is a familiar thing for most people, there may be some who feel that they want to get better at photography. You can learn the technical points of photography at a relaxed pace! Those who don’t know how to use a camera or don’t own a camera are also welcome!

To those who are interested in taking pictures: please stop by and take a look.

Art Club

◆ As long as it has some relationship with art (Human activities that make use of some form of material・skill・physical activity to create a sense of contemplative value in others’ eyes ) such as oil paintings・watercolor paintings・sculpting・manga illustrations, it is OK for club activities.
Activities revolve around submitting art pieces to exhibitions, talking to other members, becoming engrossed in one’s own work, and participating in the fall Cultural Festival.
For those of you who say, I’m busy with cram school, studying and other clubs!!, how about creating your own time here? Please come visit if you have some interest.

Communication Club

◆ This club is a club with a lot of freedom and is basically a mixture of the broadcasting club and theatrical club. The activities mainly are practicing announcements and reading aloud with a bit of video editing mixed in. The atmosphere is cozy and both 1st and 2nd Years participate in activities together.

◆Club activities revolve around voice training as basic training, creating and practicing announcements and practicing reading aloud in preparation for upcoming tournaments. For the Cultural Festival we write our own scenarios and practice them.

Biology Club

◆ In 2012 we borrowed a scanning electron microscope from Professor Deno of Osaka Kyoiku University to begin observations. In 2015 we began biological research at the Uriwari Bridge that passes over the Yamato River. We investigate various types of plant life and animals. For the Cultural Festival we plan on trying to make a transparent skeleton specimen and leaf vein specimen.

◆ Activities
April Welcoming new members
May Rescuing dragonfly larva from the pool (From 2016) (See picture above)
June ~ Preparing for the Cultural Festival
September Exhibition at the Cultural Festival・Publishing the Club Journal (Last year’s Journal)
November Presentation at the Osaka High School Student Biology Research Conference

Aside from this, researching the Yamato River and individual research.