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Fostering truly globalized leaders with capabilities to take initiative on the international stage

In April 2015, our school was designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) of Japan as a Super Global High School (SGH); the period of certification being five years.

What is a Super Global High School (SGH)?

In light of the rapid acceleration of globalization today, the SGH program aims to nurture, at the senior high school level, highly capable future global leaders possessing exceptional communication and problem solving skills along with broad abilities to face a variety of social challenges and issues. In conjunction with internationalized domestic universities, corporate entities, and international organizations, the role of a Super Global High School is to develop and provide high quality curricula in which students are nurtured to identify and solve global social issues and potentially play major roles internationally.

Refer to the following for more details:
Super Global High School Designations in 2015 (Issued March 31, 2015)
Official SGH Website http://www.sghc.jp


The SGH Program at Osaka Kyoiku University Hirano High School

With advancements in globalization, significant changes can be seen in human ties as well as in social structure, and diversity is needed in the endowments of younger generations who will lead society in the future.

In addition to acquiring a variety of knowledges and skills, abilities to identify and solve problems, accept diverse cultures and ways of thinking, cooperate with others in solving issues, communicate in various languages, and having a challenging spirit are becoming more and more necessary.

Our aim is to foster future global leaders by providing educational activity through Subjects, Comprehensive Project Studies, and Domestic and International Fieldwork.

In the Subjects field, new subjects relating to Project Studies will be established in addition to placing emphasis on liberal arts as well as fostering problem solving and communication skills.

In Project Studies, which consist of 6 comprehensive credit units, students will hone their creativity, multi-faceted logical thinking, and communication skills through group-research activities along with discussions with international students at Osaka Kyoiku University, Osaka University, as well as with high school students in other countries.

As a facet of Project Studies, Domestic and International Fieldwork allows students to conduct research with an aim to experience, feel, and practice.


Exploring global issues with “Life” as the theme

In the SGH program, individual students partake in theme-based Project Studies. Our research and development plan is titled “Fostering Global Leaders with Multiple Views on Life.” By taking up the subject of Life, which is universally most highly valued, as the subject, Project Studies are conducted in Osaka and Asia in the following three fields: Connecting Life through Medicine and Health; Protecting Life through Disaster Prevention and Mitigation; and Supporting Life through Disparity and Poverty.

The 1st year is based in Osaka as the field, in which students attend lectures given by highly specialized instructors and partake in research activities based on assignments selected from the three research fields.

In the 2nd and 3rd years, students partake in Project Studies collaborating with universities, corporations, and other organizations, with Asia as the field. 3rd year students organize their research results and actively present them, both domestically and internationally.

In the three years of study, students will not only research and investigate systems and technology, but rather, gain a broad understanding of the similarities and differences in the issues found in the three research fields as well as in Japanese-Asian relations, leading to considerations of needs to solve future social issues.